We all need more feminine energy in our modern world! Before uncovering why, let’s avoid some common misconceptions. Feminine and masculine energy is not about gender. It is about how you feel inside and the unique mix, a unique balance of feminine and masculine energies within you that is individual to everyone. That unique balance for me may be different from yours, which is ok! However, we would all benefit from more feminine energy because the modern world tends to be overly masculine. If you crave to cultivate more feminine energy within yourself, this is one of the reasons why you are reading this post!

We are used to valuing the more masculine qualities over the more feminine ones. For example, we value rational thinking, being in your mind, and thinking over feeling. We value competition over collaboration, being outcome-oriented and fast over slowing down, enjoying the process, and allowing yourself to be guided.

We value strength over sensitivity and softness. We choose dominance over surrender… this is a big one. We think of surrender as a weakness. We tend to give rather than receive. We value control over letting go.

All these qualities are very useful in life but also tend to bring us into the masculine mode. We have leaned too much toward this one polarity.

Of course, I am making a generalization here. All the values that our modern society puts forward, are the more masculine qualities. They are not bad; they are just one side of the polarity. However, when we put so much emphasis on this one side, we create an imbalance and lose touch with our soft, sensitive, fluid, feminine side.

As you can see, society puts so many expectations on us as women. And we never learned how to be or what it means to be truly feminine. No wonder we often feel overwhelmed, stressed, and uncomfortable in our bodies.

This reality is challenging for women because they thrive on their natural feminine energy. Most women have more natural feminine energy in their unique energetic composition. So what can we do? We must cultivate, awaken, and reconnect with that energy.

Here are some powerful benefits of cultivating and connecting with your feminine energy:

  • You feel more vibrant and alive in your body, at the same time, centered and grounded.
  • Feminine energy is the life force. It heals and rejuvenates your body and mind.
  • You soften and allow yourself to receive, which invites the masculine energy to support you.
  • You tap into the source of your true power, innate wisdom, and intuition.
  • Your energetic presence increases, which makes you more radiant and attractive, and other people will notice that
  • You learn how to feel and manage the energy in your body, and you can set better boundaries with other people.
  • Life becomes more effortless as you feel guided from within. You are in the flow.

The best way to reconnect with your feminine energy is through the body. The feminine essence meditation is a great way to start! You can access it and start practicing here.

Why is it crucial to practice reconnecting with our feminine energy as women? Most of the time, as we go through our day, we tend to be so much in our heads, and we forget to stay centered in our bodies. The feminine essence meditation will help you connect to the center of your physical and energetic body, which happens to be your feminine power center, the womb space. It will make you feel centered yet vibrant and alive. It will balance the feminine energy within you and bring you back to your natural balance. Do not worry if you don’t have meditation experience – I promise, it is very simple. Once you learn it, you can do it anytime during the day!

When you start embodying more feminine energy, you will begin to radiate it out and inspire others. When we start healing and transforming ourselves, we also begin healing and transforming the world. When we allow ourselves to shine, we permit others to do the same.

With love,