from fear to love

You’re here because you’re looking for a way back to yourself. Make this happen with a personal and spiritual mentor.

Guided by authentic yogic practice and life principles, I untwist the knots for overwhelmed, ambitious women who are looking to embrace their true essence but don’t know how.

Your individual roadmap awaits…

1 to 1 8-week mentorship program with your personal and spiritual mentor

To start following your internal guidance, you first need the support to show you how.

Throughout the 8-weeks we dive deep into what’s holding you back and the changes you’re yearning to make but don’t know how.

I’ll guide you every step of the way and leave you with tools that you can implement for life.

You will learn how to tap into the feminine essence that will open you to the ocean of infinite possibilities and allow you to access your true power.

Here’s what you get:

✔ A specific plan catered to your desires and needs

✔ 1 x 90 in-depth discovery call

✔ 5 x 60-minute private support calls

✔ 2 x 75 minute Tantric Hatha Yoga sessions

✔ Continuous support throughout the 8-weeks

✔ Enriching exercises, both mental and physical

✔ Valuable tools to use for life

This is for you if you’re:

✔ Feeling stuck in your job, life or relationship

✔ Lacking direction or purpose in life

✔ Overwhelmed trying to live up to the expectations of others

✔ Ready to face up to what’s holding you back and transform your life

✔ Willing to learn the secrets of an authentic yoga lineage and how it can support you on your journey

✔ Yearning to reconnect your heart and purpose

✔ Wanting to become a magnet for abundance and heartfelt joy

If this sounds like you, you can expect to:

✔ Finally know you’re on the right path with your personalized roadmap

✔ Feel supported and heard through our private weekly calls

✔ Expand your knowledge of sacred Hatha Yoga and deepen your practice to feel physically
free and mentally grounded

✔ Feel confident to make the important life changes you’ve been longing to make

✔ Start creating a lifestyle of your dreams

✔ Experience a lot less stress and much more peace

✔ Find your way back to yourself, your true essence, and embrace the real you.


My life is so busy, I almost don’t have time for myself. How can I do the mentorship program?

I understand, we live in a time of constant overwhelm. Simply put, making time for yourself will change your life, and ironically, free up more time to do things you love. I will teach you simple tools and practices that you can implement any time during your day that don’t take too much time.

I feel stuck in life and I don’t see how I could make changes. Will the mentorship program help me with that?

Absolutely yes! We will look at the resistance and habits that might be blocking your personal and spiritual growth. You’ll discover what may be stopping you from living your life fully. You’ll have a crystal clear vision of where you want to go in your life.

Why do I need a mentor to develop myself and achieve my goals?

Everything we need to know is already inside of us. But often in life, we lose touch with our internal compass and as a result, we lose touch with our intuition, our inner knowing. A mentor can be a great help to accelerate your growth. I’ll give you a clear direction on your next step to reclaiming your authentic power.