How To Soften Into Your Femine

You may have heard the terms “masculine” and “feminine” energy being thrown around, particularly with the rise of esoteric concepts and beliefs in the occult.

First thing’s first: feminine and masculine energies are not to be confused with the social construct of gender. In fact, feminine and masculine energies are understood to refer to the more dominant and assertive energy of giving (masculine) and the intuitive and caring energy of receiving (feminine).

Without making things too complex, all you need to know is that typically you’ll sway more towards one polarity.

Unfortunately, you may have been led to believe that having too much feminine energy is a downfall and something which needs to be suppressed in order to be taken seriously and succeed in life.

The world can be a little biased at times and favor the traits of masculine energy.

That interplay and balance of these energies is individual to everyone but it may be interesting to explore how to harness more of your feminine energy if you feel it’s been somewhat suppressed…

Feeling overwhelmed by your masculine energy can be the cause of:

      • Burnout 
      • Chronic overwhelm 
      • Hormonal imbalances •
      • Difficulty to attract your desired partner
      • Feeling out of alignment with your body and mind
      • Not being able to access your true heart desires

When I discovered how powerful softening into my feminine energy was, and started implementing these simple practices, my life changed.

Here are some profound shifts that happen, when you start honoring the essence of feminine energy:

  • More energy, feel rested and relaxed
  • More inspiration 
  • In tune with your intuition
  • A feeling of joy and contentment radiating from inside out
  • More courage to explore the new ways of being, working, and relating to others
  • Magnetic, irresistible aura
  • Ease attracting more abundance and opportunities into your life

So how often do you soften into your feminine? 

It really is so simple. Take a look at the following ideas.


1. Take a deep breath in, feel it revitalizing your whole system.

Inhalation is nourishing and healing for your body on a physical level.

On an energetic level, it allows you to take life in and opens you up to receive. Receiving is a quality of feminine energy. Masculine energy gives and feminine energy receives.

Inhalation connects you to the life force, that is the ever-changing, always flowing, feminine force itself. Masculine is the unchanging, ever-present consciousness.

2. Exhale everything out, notice softening and letting go.

Exhalation is releasing, emptying, allowing you to relax and let go. When you exhale, you allow yourself to soften.

You can experience being more passive, forgiving, and releasing what you no longer need. Focusing more on an exhalation and abdominal breath brings you to this more relaxed state of your nervous system, referred to as “rest and digest”, and allows you to soften into the feminine energy.


3. Feel the connection with the life force through your senses.

You can connect with the life force, feminine energy also through the breath, and also your senses.

You may be so lost in your thoughts that you don’t feel what’s happening around and inside of you.

Just take a moment to pause and feel. Notice the sensations on your skin. Notice the smell of the air around you. Notice the taste you have in your mouth. Hear subtle voices and see what is in front of you. Notice the feeling inside your body.


4. Spend time in nature

Through nature, you connect with the feminine lifeforce.

Imagine walking in a beautiful forest on a sunny day – it is hard to feel stressed even when thinking about that!

Nature has the power to calm our nervous system down, to nourish and heal our body, mind, and soul.


5. Nourish yourself, with good food, a great book, or a relaxing bath

Feminine energy loves to be nourished and taken care of and it’s totally acceptable to give yourself that extra bit of pampering sometimes.

If you don’t have time to take a relaxing bath at least once in a while, then you are probably overgiving… at least try to make more time for yourself.

Love yourself first!


6. Soften your walk

When in a rush, we tend to move or walk in a very rigid and hard way. This keeps you stuck in your “masculine mode” and long term it’s not great for your joints. Imagine walking on a soft carpet or sand without any rush.

Soften your body and move gracefully. Other people will notice that!


7. Connect with other people that support and empower you

Masculine energy can be about competition and feminine about connection and collaboration.

It’s very uplifting and inspiring to surround yourself with like-minded people that want to elevate and inspire themselves and others. Look for meaningful connections.


8. Check in with yourself – how do you feel at this moment?

What do you need? Again, when you are lost in your thinking and just doing things, it’s easy to lose touch with your feelings and internal guidance. That’s why we must stop for a moment.

Press pause and check in with yourself. How do you feel? What do you need? What would be the best thing to do now?


9. Listen to your intuition It is always right!

Some people experience a naturally stronger connection to their intuition. The more in touch with your feminine essence you are, the stronger it gets. Rational thinking and intuition won’t always tell you the same.

I don’t mean to say that rational thinking is wrong… but I would dare to say our intuition is always right. Trust your inner guidance.


10. Send love and compassion to all beings

Feel into your heart and send love and compassion towards yourself and others.

Feel how it connects you with others. Take time to practice this every day or when you feel yourself being too much in your masculine energy. Notice the changes in your body, mind, and energy and in your life!

Of course, this list is not complete. There are many other ways that would help you soften into your feminine, like dancing, receiving compliments and gifts. I wonder, what are your favorite ways of bringing yourself back to the feminine energy? Please share in the comments!